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"Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all offer a whole new way to strut your stuff. Get social networking working for you - Contact Us, today."

For businesses, getting social on the web is a whole different world. In fact, it's so different that we actually have an entire website focused on social marketing – However, here is a summary of the "drive traffic" element of your social marketing strategy involving Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others – how we help you drive more traffic to your web pages through social media sites.

RankingsYour company's size and resources will often determine the level of effort you'll want to expend to have social media drive traffic to your website, your call center, or your email inbox. Today, we recommend that all companies should have some level of Social presence on the web. That presence also needs to be integrated and coordinated into your Pay Per Click, Email, and other Internet marketing programs.

Additionally, your social media is also playing an increasing role in your search engine optimization and rankings.


Like UsFacebook offers a number of ways to continue your Internet marketing efforts. Often it is integrated in some way to other elements of your online and offline marketing – website links, email links, print media, and more. Additionally, once you build up "likes", your Facebook Page offers an excellent "touch" style of ongoing marketing and communications. Finally, Facebook has an excellent Pay Per Click system within the site to drive targeted traffic to your page.

Bastion Internet will help you develop and implement a Facebook strategy to gain more Likes and help you turn Likes into business.


TwitterTwitter isn't for everyone and not for every company. However, there are excellent ways it can be used to drive specific types of responses from your followers. Bastion Internet can help you identify strategies and a process to make this happen.


For now, Google+ is a new kid on the block. It's an excellent time for businesses to get started with this platform. Bastion Internet will help you keep up with developments as they evolve and how you can make the most of them.

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